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Catalogue updates

See below for information on updates related to some catalogues in our website resources:

  • MB-70, MB-60  - adjusted diameters of drilled holes in door opening direction change strips, amended profile descriptions,
  • MB-45, MB-45S, MB-59S, MB-59SE, MB-60, MB-60E, MB-70  - update related to Wala handles: change of number 8000921X to 8000929X and number 8000922X to 8000930X, some other small amendments,
  • MB-70 - change in scissor 80302208 opening angle and max weight of window in which these accessories are used,
  • FITTINGS - small amendments related, but not limited, to pushers, scissors, WX hinges, amended way of fixing single-sided pull handles,
  • MB-TT50 - change of some standard screws to the specialised screw 80371350, change of assembly tip 80371358 to 80341033, adjusted length of insulators 120982, 120983, 009137, introduction of P9K-992-00, P9K-999-00 instruments,
  • MB-SUNPROF - change in the formula for the calculation of max distance between shutter supports,
  • MB-SR50N EFEKT - small text changes on selected pages,
  • MB-78EI - updated range of striker plates, electric doorstrikes and treatments, Eco Schulte GBS 4 lock (80009382), additional remark concerning the reduction in the sash width when using 3-point lock, some other small amendments.

We would like to encourage you to download new pages in pdf format and update the documentation of Aluprof systems. The most convenient way of doing this, is to enter the “Catalogues for Partners” section and use the “Search for new products in the systems” function.