Regulations for the use of ALUPROF S.A.’s online Authorised Zone Website

§ 1 Definitions

The terms used in these Regulations shall mean as follows:
1. Administrator/ Website Administrator - ALUPROF S.A., a company with their registered office at the following address; ul. Warszawska 153, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, registered in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register in the District Court in Bielsko-Biała, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the following number KRS: 0000106225, Polish taxpayer's identification number (NIP): 547-02-42-884, Business entity statistical number (REGON): 070424429, share capital/paid-up: 4 028 350,00 PLN.
2. Personal data administrator – shall mean the entity deciding about the purposes and means of processing personal data referred to in art. 3 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (consolidated text – Journal of laws of 2016, item 922 as amended).
3. Domain – Internet address where the Website is available.
4. Business partner – a natural or legal person cooperating or potentially interested in cooperation with the Administrator,
5. Regulations – these regulations for the use of ALUPROF S.A.’s online Authorised Zone Website
6. Website - ALUPROF S.A.’s Internet sites available in the Authorised Zone website in the following domain: enabling Internet Users to use the services available in the Website,
7. Services – electronic services provided by the Administrator via the Website.
8. User – any natural or legal person using ALUPROF S.A.’s Website,
9. Applicant – any natural or legal person requesting access to ALUPROF S.A.’s Website,

§ 2 Legal requirements

1. Each Applicant is obliged to read these Regulations before using ALUPROF S.A.’s Website.
2. Regulations in electronic version are available free of charge at the following address:
3. The User understands that the ignorance of the rules set out in these Regulations is not the basis for any claims or customer complaints.
4. Each Website User is obliged to comply with the applicable Polish law and provisions of these Regulations. In particular, the delivery and processing of unlawful content is prohibited.

§ 3 Technical requirements

In order to enable the proper functioning of the Website, the User shall use the following equipment:
1. Computer and software with the following minimum technical specifications:
a) Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and one of the following internet browsers:
- Google Chrome - the latest stable version,
- Mozilla Firefox - the latest stable version,
- Microsoft Edge - the latest stable version,
- Opera - the latest stable version,
b) iOS operating system with Apple Safari web browser in the latest, stable version,
c) web browser configuration:
- enabled cookies
- enabled JavaScript.
d) to display some elements and information it may be necessary to install the following software: Acrobat Reader, MB-CAD.
2. Internet access with a minimum bandwidth of 512 kbps.

§ 4 The rules of using the Website

1. To enable the Applicant to use the Website, the Applicant must:
a) complete the registration form available on the website: Sign up,
b) accept the content of these Regulations and express the necessary consents by ticking the required checkboxes,
c) press the “Register” button,
d) confirm the registration by activating the link provided in the message sent to the Applicant’s e-mail address.
2. The Administrator reserves the right to restrict access to the Website to the Administrator’s business partners only.
3. Once the Website Administrator has granted the Applicant access to the Website, a contract is concluded between the Website Administrator and the User for indefinite period of time for the provision of a free online service including access to the Website.
4. At any time, the User may terminate the use of the Service of access to the Website by sending a relevant notification to the following address:

§ 5 Services provision rules

1. The Website Administrator shall make the following products available free of charge via the Website:
a) commercial information and product price lists,
b) products catalogues,
c) calculation software,
d) validating documents.
2. At any time, the Website Administrator may modify the functionality of the Website without informing the Users about it.
3. The Website Administrator reserves the right to change the content published on the Website at any time.

§ 6 Personal data protection

1. Data, such as the first/ middle name, surname, company name, e-mail address, zip code, city, street name, province, tax identification number (NIP), telephone number shall only be used to verify the Business Partner’s identity in order to enable access to the Website.
2. Providing personal data by the User is completely voluntary, however, failure to provide such data shall result in the inability to use the Website.
3. The administrator of your personal data is ALUPROF S.A, a company with its registered office at the following address: ul. Warszawska 153, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała., tel. 33 819 53 00, e-mail:
4. The data you provide will be disclosed only to authorized Aluprof S.A. employees and to external Website administration services providers. In the case where a user is a client of one of ALUPROF S.A. subsidiaries, the employees of such a subsidiary may also have access to the user’s data. Data may also be disclosed to the competent authorities, as long as they are authorized to do so in accordance with applicable law.
5. Please note that your personal data will not be transferred to any third country/ international organization and that it will not be processed in an automated manner, including that it will not be used for profiling purposes at any time.
6. Personal data will be processed during the period of using the service, until the service is cancelled by means of a request to cancel the account access to the website sent to the following e-mail address:
7. Information on resignation, together with the data, may be stored for another 3 years for evidence purposes, and after this period it will be deleted.
8. At any time, the User has the right to request Aluprof S.A. to access User’s personal data, in order to correct, delete or limit its processing and the right to object to the processing, as well as the right to transfer the data and obtain copies thereof. To do so, please send your request to the following e-mail address: The User can also change and update their data by themselves. Data is available and editable after logging in.
9. The User also has the right to file a complaint to the supervisory body - the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
10. The User has the right to contact the Administrator’s Data Protection Inspector – Mr Michał Geilke, e-mail: tel. +48 33 819 53 00.

§ 7 Intellectual property rights protection

1. ALUPROF S.A. with its registered office at the following address: ul. Warszawska 153, 43‑300 Bielsko-Biała is the owner of the materials presented in this Website, except for files of other companies (co-operators), properly described in the website.
2. All rights to the Website and its individual elements are reserved to ALUPROF S.A. except for the rights to the files of other companies (co-operators).
3. The User has the right to use the materials contained in the Website solely for personal use as a business partner of ALUPROF S.A., as a part of pending projects.
4. The User is obliged to treat data authorizing access to the Website as confidential, namely their login and password, and the user shall not have the right to disclose the data to any third parties.

§ 8 Customer complaint handling

1. The User may file a customer complaint regarding provided services, report any errors in the Website or a make proposal to change its functionality to the Marketing and Public Relations Department of ALUPROF S.A. to the following e-mail address:
2. In the case of a customer complaint, the notification thereof shall include the following data:
a) User’s identification data,
b) contact data: telephone number and e-mail address,
c) description of the problem.
3. Customer complaints shall be handled within 30 days from the date of sending such a complaint to the e-mail address provided herein above.

§ 9 Liability

1. The Website Administrator does not guarantee the continuity of the Website functioning, which may be interrupted periodically as a result of internal factors, such as maintenance works, or external factors, which may be not related to the Website Administrator’s activities, e.g. due to force majeure, failures of the Service server or failure of Internet links.
2. The Website Administrator shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by the User and caused by a break in the functioning of the Website or resulting from the use of the Website that is inconsistent with these Regulations or with the right to use the Website.

§ 10 Final provisions

1. The Website Administrator reserves the right to make changes to these Regulations at any time without the obligation to notify the User about this fact.
2. Shall the Website Administrator introduce new Regulations, the entries contained therein shall be valid from the moment of their publication in the Website, with the exception of the situation when a different date of its validity was specified in the Regulations.
3. The provisions of the Regulations shall be binding for the User upon their publication.
4. Shall the User not agree with the changes introduced in the Regulations, the User must report this fact by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: As a result of such a report, the User’s access to the Website will be blocked.
5. Any disputes between the User and the Website Administrator related to the provision of the services referred to in these Regulations shall be resolved by the court competent for the seat of the Website Administrator.